I’m really excited that on&off are joining forces with fellow audio/visual duo Llull Machines for a double bill of intense improvised performances of constantly evolving dreamlike visuals and sounds in our fifth lockdown stream of Tagtool animation with electronic sounds, recorded live and remotely from separate locations.

Date and time: Sunday 28th February, 8.30pm UTC.

The event lasts about 60 minutes with a short break between sets. Tickets are free, or you can support us by donation.

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on&off is a collaborative performance project between artists Nikolai Kozin and Martin Lau. Nikolai creates live animated drawings accompanied by noise/soundscapes produced by Martin, with each element being improvised in response to the other.Llull Machines is an art group, consisting of painter Danil Gertman and musician Grundik Kasyansky. We create live performances and installations with projections of animated digital drawings and electronic music.

Take care and keep well,


Album Reaching for Andromeda available on Bandcamp, listen for free and read about it here.