The live show is cancelled this month due to Covid, sorry. Instead we will be streaming prerecorded performances from some of the original lineup, and look forward to bringing all of the acts to you live soon.

Tune in to https://www.facebook.com/ealingextranormal/live
at 7.30pm on the 15th.

Featuring sets from:

The Oneirologist

The Oneirologist is the electroacoustic and audiovisual project of Rick Jensen. Going since 2013 and playing live many times. Rick is also a member of many other projects using electronics but mostly playing saxophone (Apocalypse Jazz Unit, SKRONK, MGF, Nuha Ruby Ra, The Insect Explosion, Animals from Hell and more…)



A fluid approach to creation, never settling on any particular style or setup constantly experimenting with sound & visuals.

Using circuit bent toys/devices & diy electronics to create anything from glitch, harsh noise to drum & bass.

At present using a symbiosis of visuals & sound as much as possible, either visuals to influence sound or vice versa.


Flooded Access

The performing name of sound and visual artist Martin Lau. His sound work involves the creation of improvised noise/soundscapes, largely using electronics and flute. He performs in the audio/visual project “on&off”. Solo performances often involve live scoring NASA footage, silent movies and other public domain visual material.


Curated by Martin Lau www.martinlau.net

Presented by OPEN Ealing www.openealing.com

Take care and keep well,