My photographic work often features sculptural actions hovering on the edge of reality, or between realities. These are either found as pre-existing scenes and artefacts from the man-made environment, or constructed as tableaux. While intellectual concepts form part of my practice, the triggering factors reside more in the heightened sense of reality as encountered in dreams and moments of clarity. Photography and photomontage has been the basis of much of my visual practice, but I employ whichever medium I find most appropriate for a given project, and have used sculpture, assemblage, and chocolates moulded from my own body.
My sound work involves the creation of improvised noise/soundscapes, often using both electronics and my classical training in flute. I perform in the audio/visual project on&off.



Sonic Electronics, The Others, London, UK.
Scaledown, London, UK.
Huddle X, Hammersmith & Fulham Arts Fest, London, UK.


Floor 2, Hammersmith & Fulham Arts Fest, London, UK (Curator).


Experimento Bio 2017, Experimento Bio, Spain.
OPEN 7.0, ADAO, Barreiro, Portugal.
Breadmatters Foundation, Barreiro, Portugal (Residency).


The Internet Yami-Ichi, Tate Modern, London, UK.
Dark: Festival of the Unseen, Hunded Years Gallery, London, UK.


Making Space, WALPH Collective, London, UK.
Our Corporate Headquarters, OPEN, London, UK (Curator).


Neo Craft, Arebyte, London, UK.
Selektif, Photography Oxford Festival, Oxford, UK.
We Are LDN, The London Collection, London, UK.
A Significant Other, HF Artsfest, London, UK.
Down to Earth (with the Fairies), W3 Gallery, London, UK (Curator).


Super Scale, Arbeit, London, UK.
Titles, OPEN, London, UK (Solo).
We’re Only In It For The Money, Scare In The Community, London, UK.


Unhinged Festival, London, UK.
Growth, ReKindle, London, UK.
Exposed, Arbeit, London, UK.
Hidden, Arbeit, London, UK.
Place And Identity, Studio 73, London, UK.
Ascension, Octagon Gallery, London, UK.
Wicked Love, Red Red Shoes Gallery London, UK.
Luxury Goods: The Reality Of Art, Courtyard Theatre, London, UK.


Luxury Goods: The Illusion Of Art, Courtyard Theatre, London, UK.
Bravo Fox Lau Suchanek, Gallery 150, Warwickshire, UK.


The Hermit And The Sleeping Beast, NO:ID Gallery, London, UK (Solo).
Covered City,
NO:ID Gallery, London, UK (Solo).
Total Transparency, NO:ID Gallery, London, UK.


Square Up The Decade, NO:ID Gallery, London, UK.


Dime Novel Screen, Sassoon Gallery, London, UK.
Propeller TV, SKY Television, UK.



Open Boundaries (Anthology), Loosenart.


Magical Artwork Appears in Acton Gallery, Ealing Times.


Martin Lau gives new perspective on photography, how-to-be-a-fine-artist.com.


The Hermit And The Sleeping Beast/Covered City, Limited Edition Photographic Book with Soundtrack CD by Cos Chapman and Isnaj Dui.
Man And Machines, Ealing Gazette.
One To Watch: Martin Lau (Photograper), Hackney Hive (www.hackneyhive.co.uk).
Interview With Martin Lau, London Art (london-art.net).