After nineteen months of shielding and streaming performances, I’m thrilled to be returning in person to perform a live score to two short films by iconic film-studies favourite Maya Deren at this Halloween-tinged event at the Walthamstow Trades Hall.

The evening is organised by the amazing M-Orchestra with whom I’ve appeared at a number of virtual events, but this is the first time that we’re on the same bill “in the flesh”, which makes it doubly exciting for me. It’s also the first time that I am performing non-virtually under my artist name of “Flooded Access”.

From the Facebook event page:

An evening of 70s and 80s post-punk, new wave, indie, goth and alternative music from DJs Aidan and Vince, interspersed with live twenty minute electronic music sets from Flooded Access, M-Orchestra and Obscenity State. Free to get in and cheap drinks in one of Walthamstow’s loveliest venues:

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I’m really excited that on&off are joining forces with fellow audio/visual duo Llull Machines for a double bill of intense improvised performances of constantly evolving dreamlike visuals and sounds in our fifth lockdown stream of Tagtool animation with electronic sounds, recorded live and remotely from separate locations.

Date and time: Sunday 28th February, 8.30pm UTC.

The event lasts about 60 minutes with a short break between sets. Tickets are free, or you can support us by donation.

Click here for tickets
Facebook event

See some of our previous performances and subscribe:

on&off is a collaborative performance project between artists Nikolai Kozin and Martin Lau. Nikolai creates live animated drawings accompanied by noise/soundscapes produced by Martin, with each element being improvised in response to the other.Llull Machines is an art group, consisting of painter Danil Gertman and musician Grundik Kasyansky. We create live performances and installations with projections of animated digital drawings and electronic music.

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Album Reaching for Andromeda available on Bandcamp, listen for free and read about it here.


I am releasing my first album, Reaching for Andromeda, under the new performing name of Flooded Access. It comprises two short pieces, Deneb Kaitos and BL Ceti, which were originally recorded for The Hello Goodbye Show on Resonance FM and the Linear Obsessional label’s Self-Isolating Compilation respectively, as well as the 28-minute title track, recorded for an on&off streaming performance in October for Sonic Electronics presented by IKLECTIK Art Lab.

The shorter pieces are named after the brightest and dimmest stars in the constellation Cetus, and are accidental companion pieces. Whilst I have generally been creating my improvised works from scratch with no prepared material, a lingering percussive element that had not been deleted found its way from Deneb Kaitos to BL Ceti. In the Greek legend of Perseus, Cetus is a sea monster sent by Poseidon to destroy the princess Andromeda as punishment for her mother Cassiopeia’s boasts of her beauty surpassing that of Poseidon’s sea nymphs. As my sound work attempts to connect with an expansiveness as evoked by both outer space and deep sea, these images came to mind readily.

The cover is taken from my photomontage of a whale’s vertebra found in the Hastings Fishermen’s Museum, which brought to mind the fate of Cetus, vanquished by Perseus through no fault of its own, combined with elements from fishing huts near that location.

I am timing the release just ahead of the Bandcamp Friday promotion on 3rd December, where that platform’s fees are waived so that artists receive the full revenue from their sales on that day.

Find Reaching from Andromeda here.

Hopefully an end to this pandemic is in sight, albeit some time down the line. In the meantime please continue to take care.

Best wishes for the festive season,


RADIOPHRENIA, 15/11/2020


I recently ventured out for an outdoor, socially distanced chat with Andy Rowe, a.k.a Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers, for his regular column in The Sunday Tribune. You can read the potted results of our thoroughly enjoyable and very long conversation here:

Rain and Park Art Talk with Martin Lau

In other news, you can catch me in a streaming performance on October 31st with my long-term collaborator Nikolai Kozin in our audio/visual project on&off at the brilliant experimental showcase Sonic Electronics. This was originally going to be a physical performance at the equally brilliant IKLECTIK art lab in London, but I’m really pleased it’s going ahead in virtual form. The precise streaming details are being worked on, but you can join the event here:

Sonic Electronics Facebook event page

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You can catch on&off at the California-based Soundwave Festival this Saturday, 4-6pm PDT (midnight BST, with the show available after the live stream).

Link to live stream
Facebook event

In other news, I have been growing the number of videos I have on my Youtube channel, currently focussed more on my sound work, and I update it fairly frequently.

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Jumper from the series MisplaceI’m thrilled to be taking part in the Willesden Gallery’s Instagram Takeover. Work from my photomontage series Misplace will be featured on their account @willesden_gallery on Wednesday; check out the other terrific artists who are also taking part.

I’d love you to join on&off on Sunday evening at 8.30pm (BST) for an intense live and improvised performance of constantly evolving dreamlike visuals and sounds in our third lockdown stream of Tagtool animation with electronics/flute soundtrack, performed remotely from two separate locations.
Performance lasts about 40 minutes. Tickets are free/pay what you can:

on&off is a collaborative performance project between artists Nikolai Kozin and Martin Lau. Nikolai creates live animated drawings accompanied by noise/soundscapes produced by Martin, with each element being improvised in response to the other.


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Covered City 04, Mounted C-print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, for sale as part of the #artistsupportpledge on Instagram.

I am thrilled to be performing at MUSLAB2020 this Thursday 7th May as part of on&off. We were previously scheduled to appear at IKLECTIK on that very day so it is especially gratifying to be able to perform after all despite the ongoing lockdown.

Details   IKLECTIK [off-site] presents MUSLAB 2020 – video screening session and live performances

Thursday 7th May – 8pm
On IKLECTIK YouTube channel:
On IKLECTIK Twitch channel:
Facebook event page

In case you missed it or would like to revisit it, Saturday’s performance of On Belonging with poet Edin Suljic will remain available to view here.   Best wishes and please keep well,



Bookshelf from series Misplaced

I hope you are keeping safe and well during this strange time. Like many of my fellow artists during the lockdown I am discovering the joys of live streaming performances online. Recent performances include the inaugural online version of the international Oooh Festival of Free Improv and the full live-scoring of the silent Soviet sci-fi film Cosmic Voyage, with many more to come. The best way to keep abreast of streaming performances, which are constantly being added, is my Facebook page. Recordings of performances will be available to view after the live stream.

The next performance will be in Sunday’s Communal Orchestra Viral Improvisation Day curated by Calum F. Kerr which runs for the entire day from 9am to 10.30pm. I will be appearing at 1.30pm with my long time collaborator Nikolai Kozin as on&off, providing the live soundtrack to his specially created visuals.
Aside from live work, I was honored to appear on the Quarantune edition of The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show on Resonance FM with a specially recorded track, Deneb Kaitos. Its companion piece, BL Ceti, appears on Linear Obsessional’s Self-Isolating Compilation.
In visual art news, I am working on my most personal set of photomontages to date, Misplaced, based on photographs of myself as a child taken in the 1970s and 80s, reflecting on the strangeness and tension of growing up. I was delighted to have the series in its current form shortlisted for the March edition of Zealous Stories.
Please continue to take the utmost care and I hope to see you soon.
Best wishes,