Site-specific installations, sound works, photography, an existential video game and more on Floor 2 of a huge unused office space as part of the Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Fest.

Curator Martin Lau has invited a number of artists from various disciplines to respond to the currently unoccupied corporate space, and works will include an office overgrown with plant life, sculptural ghosts of past workers, as well as sound installation, photography, and a video game exploring archaeology and memory. The space will also host a number of performance events including an evening curated by the acclaimed electro-acoustic experimental musician Cos Chapman on 8 June. Martin states: “I had to take up the opportunity of curating this huge, amazing space that takes up most of one wing of the 2nd floor of a five storey office block – it is flooded with natural light and has a stunning view over the Thames, more than I could hope for from the vast majority of galleries. The aim is to take contemporary art out of its traditional gallery context and to bring it to the Uthink project and their clients, and indeed to Hammersmith and West London, which has relatively few contemporary showcases despite the large number of artists from this area”.

The Floor 2 exhibition is part of Uthink’s overall programme which is taking place in the Riverside Building in Hammersmith. There will be various other exhibitions, events and classes running throughout the building during their occupancy, which is currently in progress up until 10 June. These cover local and resident artists as well as community groups and charities.